Smart baby gate?

I’m looking for a baby gate that stays locked preventing a baby from entering a room, but it unlocks so a dog can go in and out (and drink water / dog food).
any ideas? Lol

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How big is the dog? And how old is the baby? There are some options based on the dog wearing a device on its collar, although the child could follow the dog through the door once it was unlocked if the door is big enough for the child .

Miniature schnauzer 20lbs and Bichon Frise 10lbs.
Baby is 11 month & super fast crawler.
I’m not looking for a perfect solution (the baby is very smart).
I know of some doggy doors with magnetic collars, but I haven’t seen them on a gate.

Thanks in advance…

OK, The first solution is the simplest: a baby gate with a cat door in it. Probably the miniature schnauzer can fit through it—the question is whether the baby can.

I know several families with toddlers and cats who use this successfully. You might just have to try this and see if the baby can get through (or stuck)


Thanks, but the baby is very similar in size with the dogs.

In that case, an automated gate isn’t going to help either. :disappointed_relieved: These are all fairly slow in closing for safety reasons, and a baby will be able to follow the dog through the gate.

I know it’s frustrating, but you’re probably just going to have to rely on direct management until the child grows enough to be bigger than the dogs. You might just use a gate which is closed so that the dogs have to ask to be let through. Obviously it’s less convenient, but it does keep the baby out of the dog food. :sunglasses:

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Yeah, that’s basically my setup now. I’m keeping the food/water in the Bathroom. One of the dogs know how to scratch the door to alert us that she’s hungry/thirsty. The other dog follows along lol

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I’ve seen doors like this that are battery operated that lock the flap and when a magnetic dog collar gets near the flap simply unlocks, the dog pushes through the flap, and then when it swings back closed it relocks. Pet safe used to make one up to 25 lbs but my quick search it looks like they only have ones that go up to 15 pounds now but I’m sure you could find something similar where the flap itself simply locks after the dog passes through.

Thanks, I’ll look into it