Smart App Lessons Learned: spelling counts!

Been learning Groovy and writing a couple smart apps for my own use. Found out it is very important to spell the same item the same way. After spending over an hour trying to figure out why a simple on/off wouldn’t work. Not complaining here, just poking fun at myself.

And I’m sure no one else has done this…:slight_smile:

runIn(mydelay, method)
runIn(myDelay, method)

Done this SO many times and spent ages debugging!!

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Those pesky capital letters get me all the time. runin vs runIn.

Although, device.currentswitch and device.currentSwitch both seem to work. Haven’t figured that one out.

The value of a good IDE is appreciated during these times. Highlight one item and it will highlight or you can goto the next instance and if there isn’t another instance then you KNOW something is wrong.