runIn not working?

So is anyone else having an issue of runIn not actually running? It was working fine for weeks, but the last 24 hours, has stopped working. And is kinda the key to my automatic lights turning on and off… :frowning:

My code looks like

    Log("Scheduling 'exit_room' in ${state.unoccupy_min_seconds}")
    runIn( state.unoccupy_min_seconds, exit_room )

def exit_room() {

And then in the live logging I see:

 9:28:38 AM: debug Laundry Room: Scheduling 'exit_room' in 60

But there is no entry for exit_room appfox 60 seconds later…

Like I said, this was working for a few weeks, just 24 hours ago. But now, nothing :frowning:

I think the ide may have gotten stricter,

Try changing:
runIn( state.unoccupy_min_seconds, exit_room )
runIn( state.unoccupy_min_seconds, "exit_room" )

And see if that doesn’t behave better.

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Is there a cap to how many RunIn()s you can have on the platform? Mine are not working for some reason. Smart Lighting is having trouble with Power Allowance too