Runin not working again

This line of code:

runIn( 2*60*60, dailyAtNight )

is giving this error:

groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: name for class:
Possible solutions: type, data

If I comment out that line, it works (but of course without running the handler).

Try quotes around the method name? (Just throwing in quick 2 cents.)

And / or use the argument map… "[name: "daily"] or some variation like that…?

Double check the Docs for syntax and parameter types.

is there a method dailyAtNight()? because that code looks fine.

None of that helped, yes checked docs. This used to work, I’m just using code from an old app that was working fine.

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def dailyAtNight() {
    def random = new Random()
    def random_int = random.nextInt(20)
    runIn(random_int*60, turnItOff)    

Something is really wrong (hopefully not just with my account). Here’s a standard app that is also failing with the same error message… can you copy-paste this and try it out?
If I comment out the calls to “schedule” then it does not throw that error message.

 *  Once a Day
 *  Author: SmartThings
 *  Turn on one or more switches at a specified time and turn them off at a later time.

    name: "Once a Day",
    namespace: "smartthings",
    author: "SmartThings",
    description: "Turn on one or more switches at a specified time and turn them off at a later time.",
    category: "Convenience",
    iconUrl: "",
    iconX2Url: ""

preferences {
    section("Select switches to control...") {
        input name: "switches", type: "capability.switch", multiple: true
    section("Turn them all on at...") {
        input name: "startTime", title: "Turn On Time?", type: "time"
    section("And turn them off at...") {
        input name: "stopTime", title: "Turn Off Time?", type: "time"

def installed() {
    log.debug "Installed with settings: ${settings}"
    schedule(startTime, "startTimerCallback")
    schedule(stopTime, "stopTimerCallback")


def updated(settings) {
    schedule(startTime, "startTimerCallback")
    schedule(stopTime, "stopTimerCallback")

def startTimerCallback() {
    log.debug "Turning on switches"


def stopTimerCallback() {
    log.debug "Turning off switches"

Looks ok here.

8:39:37 AM:	debug Installed with settings: [switches:[Repeater], startTime:2015-07-17T08:39:00.000-0700, stopTime:2015-07-17T20:39:00.000-0700]

Log out and log back in? Restart browser? If none of that works, email support and open a ticket!

Thanks for checking. I guess it is just me then. I’ve been struggling with this for over two days (multiple browsers etc.). FRUSTRATING!!!
I’ll file a ticket.

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Why do you want us all to suffer? I’m happy it’s just your account! (Not happy that you have the issue though… I wonder what gets corrupted).

Wow! That was a really helpful post. Thanks a bunch. :imp:

What? I was addressing the non-sequitor from @zraken

(hopefully not just with my account)

I, honestly, don’t understand that sentiment.

I t was really easy to demonstrate that at least one other account doesn’t have the problem by copying and testing the code. If working code suddenly breaks, isn’t it better to have the problem “just” on one account?

Maybe I’m crazy. Sorry.

Ok, so this seems to be limited to only the IDE.

I am going to track someone down to look into this but not sure I’m gonna get action today. I’ll stay on top of this one for you guys though. Until then the schedule method seems to be working when installing through the mobile app.

Please let me know if this bleeds into the mobile app as well… hopefully it doesn’t though lol…

Thanks Tim.
BTW, I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s “feelings” with my comment about hoping it wasn’t just me. Generally speaking, you get a quicker resolution when a bug affects a larger group of people and not that I was wishing evil for everyone.
Have to say I’m quite impressed with the attention my ticket got from Tim even though it seemed like it was only affecting me.

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S’ok… I was definitely not offended… I’m just a bit weird, so I pounced half-joking on the literal statement. Sorry! :sunglasses:

We’ve got a fix in for this that we are currently testing. This will be going out in an upcoming platform release.


I am also getting this error and I am a newbie so I’m stuck. I don’t know what a platform release means with respect to how long until a fix is available, or if there is a workaround other than commenting out the call to the scheduler which would render my one and only app useless. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m running into the same problem with my first attempt

This fix should be available later today.

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The fix for this has been deployed and should now be working again.

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