Smart Alarm Clock (Beddi)

Beddi just announced that if they hit $150k they will support SmartThings.

I have been looking for a smart alarm clock for a while, to turn on/off my bedroom lights and to open up my blinds. With 3 buttons it looks like it fits the bill. It already supports HUE and NEST. It has some cool features like sunrise wake up and turns off the LED clock at night.

I hate my alarm clock and what’s mostly out there, and I know I could use my Cell phone, but want something a little more permanent. Too many times I forgot to plug my phone in or the charger was unplugged and the phone did not charge.

Check it out:

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I’ve been looking for a smart alarm clock too.

I currently use Tasker to watch for my phone alarm to go off and trigger my Good Morning routine.

But I really want to turn on my coffee machine 10 mins before my alarm goes off. This clock can do that apparently!

Only if you use the belkin switches. Sadly this only works with really old coffee makers, everything I have owned in the past 5 years will not work with it as they have a digital start button and not a simple power switch.

someone needs to make a Zwave K-cup coffee maker

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I am already backing this project. ST support with this will be really cool.

Well there is the Smarter Coffee machine. I bought this last week intending to make a device type for it.

Unfortunately it uses UDP/TCP rather than HTTP so SmartThings integration is rather difficult.

The developers claim than IFTTT is coming in about 4 weeks. I’m hoping that means they’ll expose an HTTP endpoint.

I ended up backing this… I’ve been trying to find an Alarm Clock that could be integrated with ST.

The closest I found was Ivee. But the reviews are just terrible and from reading on this forum the integration with ST wasn’t great.

I currently use Tasker to do an action when my morning alarm goes off. This action calls into ST to change my routine.

However the cool thing about Betti is that is can do tasks BEFORE the alarms goes off I think. Like… turn on my coffee machine 10 mins before the alarm goes off. I can’t do that with Tasker…

I’m not sure they’re gonna make the 150k stretch goal for ST integration though… only 7 days left.

I’d love to back this, but it would realistically only be worth it if it does hit the 150k for SmartThings, otherwise for me it would just be a regular clock with built in light. I’ll keep an eye on it, and if it looks like it’s getting close I’ll throw my money into the ring.

I would like a smart alarm clock as well but always thought it would be nice to use one of the alarm sirens at a lower volume with different tone.

Glad to hear that so a lot of people are looking for a “smarter” alarm clock, which is what Beddi is all about.

Yes, Beddi can trigger things to happen 10 mins before the alarm goes off (we will give you several other options in additional just 10 mins)

Understand that we are a bit far from the$150k stretch goal, but we are already working on IFTTT Maker channel and SmartThings integration. So we do hope to ship with it. But hitting the stretch goal amount will be very nice. So please help to spread the words, and thanks for your support

Not that far from the goal. Only need to sell about 400 or so , which I believe the project is averaging about 100 a day.

I use Hue lights for my night stands, so it will at least allow me to control those. Main light and blinds are zwave, so smartthings would make it a near perfect alarm clock. Right now I have 2 aeon for controlling the nightstands and master lights. Worse case I would still need to use the app to control smartthings (maybe using smartTiles), but Beddi gives it a nice place to store/charge.

Looks like they didn’t quite make it to 150k. But there is still good news, they still plan to support Smartthings! Looking forward to getting this alarm clock.

So I have spoken a few times with Alfred Wong, and I guess they have begun working on a smartthings integration. I believe that team would be very interested in helpful information about designing the device type and smart app for this amazing clock, which should be shipping within ten days. I really hope anyone as interested in this clock as I am, has the skills to offer the help I am far too dumb to do.

@Alfred_Wong I worked on Nest-Manager with and can help with any integrations.

I am on the fence about ordering one. I have my Harmony Hub remote with 4 physical buttons to perform anything I want in ST. I already have an Echo Dot on my nightstand for weather, Bluetooth speaker, etc. I never need an alarm clock and the lighting that goes along with it. Already sleep with a fan for white noise.

Does look cool though.

That would be great. I’m sure the developers would be happy to hear that. I’ll message you

It’s a bit scary to pre-order anything on its first trip out the door. But I think this is exactly what a lot of people are looking for. I’ve got the harmony as well, and I have found it annoyingly difficult to work with. If it’s getting trigger in St it’s fine. The rest of the time I’ve got to wait for it to update just about every time I touch the physical remote. I’ve got an overload of bt speakers myself, but none that work with St. No white noise machines exist that I could find either that work with zwave. The relative ease I predict with beddi for having all the wake up scheduling happening in one place is the real tipping point, compared to the multiple different apps I have to use to achieve what I want in smartthings. Ultimately, if calendars can be associated with beddi to schedule wake up and snooze based on where I’ve got to be and what traffic is like (currently I think it’s only a programmed in location, not a calendar, but the people here amaze me with their innovative coding) this is so much cheaper than its worth.

I like the device and think it I’ll be a hit. I just am not sure how much I would take advantage of it’s awesome features…I’ve had great success with the Harmony remotes and those physical buttons. I just programmed one to trigger sleep mode…

lol. lucky you. Maybe it’s just that I got the harmony elite, and about a week later got st. st is much more easy to get carried away with. I can only buy so many entertainment devices for harmony to control. I see your point though, while at the same time, one big button on your alarm clock, on the bedside table that you don’t have to struggle to find to turn OFF sleep mode or snooze it. yeahhhh

I hate my alarm clocks. I like sunrise alarm clocks, and the mood lighting. The killer feature for me was the dimming/turning off the LEDs of the clock. I always face the clock away from me and often cover the time.

I use 2 of the aeon minimotes on my nightstands. Does a good job.

You bring up a good point. I have an iPhone dock alarm clock now and have to turn off the light because it’s too bright, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I use my Apple Watch to tell me the time. I might still pull the trigger.