Smart Alarm 2.4 Is Available

The button controller smartapp works with devices that have multiple “buttons” to let you assign an action to each button. So toggle a siren, but also you can one button press change the mode, or launch a hello home action, or turn on multiple devices at once.

Unfortunately, there are very few devices that work with it in the smartthings ecosystem. Many available keypads and remotes just don’t for various different technical reasons.

The Aeon Minimote is a very small four button zwave remote control which is popular and is sold in the SmartThings shop. You can often get multipacks cheaper elsewhere. The Minimote distinguishes between “pressed,” and “held” so you actually have eight events for the remount. This device is officially supported by SmartThings

The smarten IT three toggle battery operated remote is a zigbee device which also works. Only three “buttons” but it has a different form factor from the mini mote, so it may be suited for specific situations, including wall mounts. This one is not yet officially supported.

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