Smaller ST button alternative

As much as I love the ST button, is there anything else out there that’s even smaller at all? And works with edge of course.


Thanks. But with so many buttons available I was hoping someone might know of a specific button that is smaller than the official ST button.

Have you looked at flic?


I like flic buttons and use them in my own home, but at present while they do work with the new architecture, they don’t “work with edge,” because edge is only one part of the new architecture. Edge is for hub-connected devices. At present flic buttons use a cloud to cloud integration.

However: flic has already announced that they are going to update existing flic hubs to support matter. :tada:. Once that happens, the integration to SmartThings should run locally using a stock edge driver for matter.

Good news, but it’s not here yet.

Most other buttons are about the same size as the ST button, but as @Andrew_Bartlett noted, the flic buttons are noticeably smaller.

SmartThings button:

1.61 x .58 x 1.61" / 41 x 15 x 41 mm

Flic button:

1.2” diameter/30 mm


Ah flic button. Forgot about them.

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