Smaller presence tags

Are there any existing smaller presence tags than the official ones? A mini version would be much welcomed.

When you open them up there is a lot of unused space… I am guessing that is for shock absorption but you can see a lot of room to shrink it.

Now that I know this, I"m going to buy one and take it apart. I think that I could do some cool stuff with a very small presence sensor. Things like sew it into a purse, briefcase, or backpack. Maybe fasten it under my bike seat. I don’t know exactly what, but the first step is just being able to put it into more places than that form factor will currently fit.

Just keep in mind the battery life. Mine lasts at most 6 months. One only lasted 3 weeks because it was with someone who was on vacation. When they are off the network the increase the polling rate which decreases the battery.

I read a smaller gen2 was in the works. Naturally there is no evidence!