New Tile Mate/Pro Bluetooth Trackers

(Kevin) #1

New ones have replaceable battery; new pro has 300ft range…

They have Alexa and Google Assistant but no IFTTT or SmartThings still. Anyone figure out a way to integrate these (would at least need a phone/tablet running their app at home since they are Bluetooth)?

(Olivier) #2

And Siri?


I wish it can be used like a beacon.

(Kevin) #4

The new ones are down to $15 each (when you buy a 4 pack), plus a free alexa 3rd gen :slight_smile: I just ordered. These things seem like they are catching on, I have seen them embedded/licensed by other companies now.

There is a python script I want to try on Pi eventually too if they don’t ever get IFTTT or ST integration. HomeAssistant platform has Tile integrated.