New Tile Mate/Pro Bluetooth Trackers

New ones have replaceable battery; new pro has 300ft range…

They have Alexa and Google Assistant but no IFTTT or SmartThings still. Anyone figure out a way to integrate these (would at least need a phone/tablet running their app at home since they are Bluetooth)?

And Siri?

I wish it can be used like a beacon.


The new ones are down to $15 each (when you buy a 4 pack), plus a free alexa 3rd gen :slight_smile: I just ordered. These things seem like they are catching on, I have seen them embedded/licensed by other companies now.

There is a python script I want to try on Pi eventually too if they don’t ever get IFTTT or ST integration. HomeAssistant platform has Tile integrated.


Did you figure out a way to reprogram the Tile as a beacon for Google Home?


No, haven’t tried integrating via Pi

They did not really work that well IMO. Supposedly 1000+ users around me but they were rarely detected by other devices. For example it took 2 weeks before kiddos backpacks were detected at schools (both relatively large schools surrounded by housing). So not really useful for tracking location dependent on others phones having Tile app.

Curious how well they work in the Home Assistant integration.

In the intended use case of finding a lost item, might be fine for that. You might not find it immediately, but depending on the item, that might not be so important. Planning to use them on bags next time I travel.

Thank Kevin.

I’m looking to trigger routines on Google Home via a beacon. I read that the Tile Pro has a really good range but I’m not sure if it can be used as a beacon.

I also see good things about the XY4+ but I haven’t tested it yet. Let me know if you did any beacon integrations with Google Home.



Still awaiting a solution? I haven’t been able to find any way to activate a tile via a web request. Maybe possible to run a web request that activates a device which is running tile constantly?

Way over my head, but just throwing out the idea.