Device tracker functionality

Hello ST community! I was doing some research on device trackers (such as Tile and TrackR) and, separately on presence sensors that are compatible with my ST hub. I’ve got some use cases that are unique to each type of device, but I have observed some overlap.

I have a few school-aged children and I’d like to be alerted when they arrive home from school, if I am not there. For this I’ll be purchasing a few of the presence sensors. Separately, my wife frequently loses her car keys so I’m researching the best options for tracking lost devices.

Reading about how the trackers work (largely bluetooth) and considering how ST-compatible devices are identified by ST hubs I was wondering what (if any) capabilities may exist to allow the network of ST hubs to allow you to identify the last known presence of any presence sensor. Granted I haven’t yet invested in my tracker technology, but from what I’ve read they have the ability to utilize the locations other tracker devices to help identify your tracker device (should it be out of bluetooth range).

For example: I leave my keys and tracker on a park bench and walk home. Two other strangers in the park also have their phones and tracker devices with them. Later I realize I’ve lost my keys and check my tracker apps. Since my tracker was in a location that was near where the two strangers’ trackers were, my last location of the tracker might reveal the park where the tracker / my keys are. The strangers have no knowledge of my tracker and my tracker can only be “tracked” by my account.

In my “overlap” use case, for example: my kid gets off the bus, but rather than going home (to do his homework like he’s supposed to) he goes to a friend’s house. I receive no alert that he’s arrived at home because he hasn’t. For my example let’s say this friend also has a ST hub. This foreign ST hub is aware of an unconfigured ST arrival sensor. Could this information be used by ST to help me identify the location of my kid / kid’s arrival sensor?

Thanks for any information or input.

I don’t know if you are still working on this or have found your solution, but have you looked into the wireless sensor tag product by kumo?