SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Integration

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@Deanderson2 What solar inverter system do you have? I have the SMA SB7700TL which I was able to locate a developer section on their site for. I am just not sure where to even get started on integrating my Solar setup into ST. My panels are by SunPower, not sure if that matters.

I found this thread which talks about integration but not sure what to do with it all.

If you, @DarcRanger or @625alex may have an idea I would totally appreciate the help.

My inverter is Solaredge and a forum member wrote an integration for it however the API only allows 300 polls a day so most people have it on a 15 minute refresh. I wanted near real time so I’m using the Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor clamps in my outside box to monitor mains going into the home as well as the solar mains. I’m using a custom device type for the HEMv2 that Bridaus modified so it would report both positive and negative values depending on over/under generation. With that said, that last bit stopped working recently and I haven’t had the time to figure out why. Having the tile go red or green based on whether we are pulling from the grid was my primary use case for having it on a wall mounted tablet.

The only thing I don’t like about the Aeon clamps is that they stop receiving data a couple times a month and you have to restart them.

Hope that helps!


Thank you. That may seem to be easier than what I just ended up spending a couple hours researching! The integration that SMA has is mainly for bigger installations and not the average residential one. I couldn’t find any true API integration to allow for the production/consumption that I can see through my vendors app they provided.

What model of the Aeon clamps did you get? I see multiple clamps on Amazon ranging from $19 to upwards of $100+

I was looking at Home Energy Meter G2, DSB28-ZWUS, by Aeotec but did a search and found multiple other ones.

Thank you sir. I was looking and see there is a Gen5 version available shortly:

Wondering if this is an improvement as its not much more than the Gen 2 you linked.

Good question, I’ve only seen reference to Version 1 and 2 and no generational references. Could be this is only an upgraded zwave chipset. If you go that route, let me know how it works out for you!