Slow Status Change from Ecobee Thermostat

I have my whole home dehumidifier fan set to turn on when the ecobee status changes to idle. The problem is the status of my ecobee stat is delayed by several minutes.

Is there anyway to have the ecobee status change quicker?


The Ecobee integration is cloud->cloud so all updates from the thermostat go to the Ecobee cloud first and then to the ST cloud. I would start with Ecobee support to see if 1) status changes are reaching their cloud in a timely fashion; and 2) they are being sent to the ST cloud in a timely fashion. You need to eliminate any issues in the Ecobee pieces of the path to determine if there is an issue in the ST environment to track down.


Ecobee to SmartThings status update was every 6 minutes. You could have status updated within seconds or minutes, depending when did change occurred within that time period.
SmartThings to ecobee is instant.
Recently ecobee started adding other security sensors and features and they are supposedly working on making these status updates more frequent.


Is there a smartapp that would help?

When ST shutdown their Groovy based cloud and architecture, all the existing SmartApps ceased to function/exist. To date, there have been very few new apps that make use of the webhook architecture that requires the app to be hosted by the author/developer of the app. I’ve only seen a couple of new apps but that has not included anything for Ecobee thermostats.

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I had some ecobee routines that were having the same delays, so I set up those rules in Sharptools and the changes work instantly in smartthings and reflect such in the ecobee app.


Does Sharptools expose the motion sensor built in to the thermostat? Or is it not included in the Ecobee Edge driver?

There is no edge driver. It’s a C2C integration. And I cannot see the motion sensor in Sharptools…

Here is what it’s available via the Ecobee–>ST integration. There is no Edge driver involved since its cloud->cloud.

Mine has those but includes 3 more:

  • coolingSetpointRange
  • heatingSetpointRange
  • temperatureRange

Might vary by model.

That’s unfortunate. The motion sensor exists; the face changes when you walk by it. Would be great if it were available for use. My main floor thermostat is right outside a bathroom. I’m imagining the bathroom lights automatically triggering on as you walk toward it…