Ecobee Default communication time

Is there a way to make an Ecobee communicate a temperature change to a ST hub faster, or when the change on the Ecobee happens?

By way of example, the temperature changes from 73 to 74 on the Ecobee device. It will stay on 73 in ST for as long as 8 minutes, (sometimes shorter). I would like the change in ST to be the same time (or as close as possible) as the change on the Ecobee.

I’m not sure how they communicate. Does ST poll Ecobee or does Ecobee send the thermostat data to ST on their schedule? I’ve not found a way to change anything like this in the Ecobee dashboard…



Use SharpTools to run a refresh command on your thermostat. That is what I do for my Honeywell T5.

Thanks Paul…giving it a try.

EDIT: Doesn’t seem to work. Still quite a while to update the temperature in ST and SharpTools…

This post might give you answer as probably still apply to ecobee, as nothing changed.

If you are lucky and change temperature couple seconds before 6 minutes cutoff, you will get update within seconds, otherwise you might be have to wait 6 minutes.

When you open the Ecobee tile in ST and pull down to refresh does the temperature reading update?

I have complained about this years ago and that was official answer from SmartThings

Looks like 5 to 10 minutes is the best they can do.

I’m waiting for a temp. change to try.

@Paul_Oliver EDIT: Pulling down on the Ecobee tile in the mobile SmartThings app gives a small spinning dot and does seem to refresh the temp reading in SmartThings and thus in SharpTools. Now how to make it do that by itself!!!

EDIT: Scratch that… looking at the history of that device, I do not believe that the pulling down caused a refresh of the Ecobee temperature.