Android Sliders: wrong orientation?

I have a zigbee dimmer switch that has a vertical slider that renders correctly. However, I also have a Nest thermostat that has a slider - and the slider frame is showing up correctly as horizontal, but the slider within it is vertical slider. This cuts off a good chunk of the slider making it unusable.

Is anyone else experiencing such slider issues? As they’er a new addition to the Android build, I suspect there are still kinks to work out.

@imbrian, experiencing the same thing with my Nests. Assuming you used the method that required creating your own Nest device type, go edit it and swap the tile height and width values for the “coolSliderControl” tile. Still looks funky, with an overlapping text label, but it shows the whole slider now. (Is there not a “heatSliderControl” tile?)

I reported to Support, but they didn’t seem to get it. Maybe you could submit a ticket and include a screenshot so they get the hint?

Thanks @csader - you’re on Android as well, I assume? I’ve swapped out my height and width values and it’s usable, but yes - certainly still some bugs to iron out.


Not to hijack the thread too much, but when it comes to Android sliders, I’d like to see the dimmer slider either improved or changed to a horizontal slider. It’s nearly impossible to find that “sweet spot” that moves the slider instead of the whole page up and down.

@chrisb agreed. Have you submitted a support ticket?

I don’t really get why the whole pane slides down anyway, it doesn’t seem to be a bounce to refresh gesture.

I’ve submitted a pull request to @dianoga to change slider orientation:

I’ve accepted the pull request. I had actually made a similar change to my own device type, but forgot to push it to github.

For what it’s worth, with the latest update to the Android app the vertical dimmer slider appears to be working much better.

Is this better?