Sleep Number + Smartthings Integration

I know this topic has popped up previously, but I cannot find a thread that addresses what I’m looking to accomplish.

Previous integrations use the sleep IQ as a presence sensor. What I would like to accomplish is inflating and deflating the bed pressure based on a routine or through core.

I like to put the pressure to 100% when relaxing and watching tv, but prefer 35 when I sleep. I do have a remote, but am really lazy and a bit curious to see if this can be automated.

The sleep iq app does allow the inflation and deflation remotely through the app, so I would imagine it is possible.

Any thoughts?

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Interesting idea. I’d be in on that too!!!

I have an older sleep number but this is an interesting idea.

@Natecj has an integration for presence based on sleep iq, but not sure if he ever got into the firmness settings.

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Love this. I feel the same way about a lot of stuff I want to integrate into my Smart Home. you know… Just because I can. lol

We just got a sleep number bed and adjustable frame this week. I’d love to be able to integrate the controls. I believe the issue has to do with the bed using Bluetooth for the actual control, but I could be wrong.

This is true for a stand alone sleep number bed. If you purchase the sleep iq add-on, it connects the bed to the internet and the sleep iq app allows you to adjust pressure remotely.

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I use the presence sensors to turn on/off lights and such when I get into/out of bed but I would love to be able to change the sleep settings automatically when I lie down. (I set it to 100 when I get up in the morning.)

My wife has fibromyalgia and some nights she doesn’t get to sleep until very late. I would like some way to find out how well and how long she has slept so I can decide whether to wake her up or not. The app does not allow for this, it just says “In bed tracking sleep.” I need to know BEFORE she gets up. We have a relatively new bed with SleepIQ and adjustable frame. Thanks!

I have an issue I bought a sleep number 360 smart bed on line so dont have a way to get log information to get in the iq app the want me to spend 700 dollars on a new pump does any one have a way for me to get in the iq app thank you guys

I bought my sleep number 360 smart bed used I dont have the information to get in the iq app could any one help me and how to get in with out having to buy a 700 new pump that’s what sleep number wants me to do

I have bad news for you. In order for the Sleep IQ App to work you have to input a registration number that you get when you buy from Sleep Number. I bought my bed from Sleep World in Hawaii and it didn’t have the Smart IQ pump so I bought a new pump from them directly to get it to work with the app and SmartThings. It wasn’t $700 though. Mine is the Queen M7. I actually don’t use the integration anymore but it worked pretty decently while I had it running.

So theres no way to unlock the app with kit buying a bee pump is just that I’m locked out

I have a pump now I just dont have the previous owner. Information its brand new

Thanks for the help

There is a specific pump that the sleep iq app works with. Not every sleep number bed has the correct pump. The pump has WiFi in it unlike the normal Sleep Number pump. If the bed you bought doesn’t have usb and WiFi it will not work with the app since it doesn’t connect to the internet. Also, if you do have the correct pump and you didn’t buy it directly from Sleep Number then you won’t get the registration number required to get the app to connect to the pump. They have it locked down pretty good unfortunately.