SleepIQ Presence Sensors

(Nathan) #1

I created an integration with SleepIQ to allow presence sensors based on the presence of a person on either side of a SleepIQ-enabled Sleep Number bed. The SmartApp allows you to login to your SleepIQ account and select from your registered beds. Children devices will get creates for each selected bed, with the device acting as a presence sensor. The devices will either update whenever the SmartApp polls (at a configurable schedule), the SmartApps is updated (opened and saved), or when an individual device is manually refreshed (from a button on the device page, this is currently broken but being worked on). The presence sensor can also be toggled manually. This is obviously a beta version and has limited features and possible bugs, but I wanted to put this out there for anyone else to test out and give feedback.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the following device type and smart app using the online IDE.
    Device Type:
  2. Install the SmartApp using the mobile application
  3. Login to the SmartApp with your SleepIQ account
  4. Select the beds you want to monitor
  5. Save/Close the smart app to complete installation

There is also a standalone device type that allows you to monitor a single bed without the SmartApp. This is a simple way to monitor a single presence device, but if you are using more than one presence device than you want the newer SmartApp-Device combo. This was the initial version of the SleepIQ integration, so its more for historical purposes and reference.

SleepNumber SleepIQ Integration?
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(Rudi Prunzel) #2

Hi Nathan (@Natecj) Thanks for this Device / SmartApp.
I’ve just got my Sleep Number bed and installed your app. So far everything is working great.
Today I’ll create some automations based on Bed Presense and I’ll let you know after a couple of weeks how everything is going.

(Shawn) #3

Works like a charm thanks @Natecj

Great work and abilities #Props

Is there anyway to configure the Device Handler to identify the SleepIQ sensors as Sleep Sensors? In the ST Marketplace there is a Comfort Sleep App from ST under SmartApps > Lights and Switches