Does someone use Somfy shades with the new app?

I have been using the Axis Gear for a few years now, and I love the product and the team that put it together - but the system does not work very well with my silk-cord based hunter-Douglas roller shades. (I have to reset the shades to their proper positions once a week, which almost makes the smart shades not worth it. I’m sorry Axis team.)

I’ve been talking to Somfy, who makes a motor that powers my existing shades - they can easily be low voltage powered, and there is a somfy-remote-to-zwave bridge called ZRTSI to connect it to smartthings.

My question is: does someone on here have the ZRTSI system connect to smartthings using the new app? I see that Somfy is a device vendor in the new app, but I have not seen what the control looks like. Can someone post a screensnap of the live app contolling one of their shades?

Also, I assume I can still have access to shade level control so I can use the shade with automations and webcore?

Thanks in advance.


I have three ZWave shades from Zebra blinds @ZebraBlinds that work great with the new app. Somfy should work equally well. Here is a photo