Skybell Trim Plus API not working with Smartthings

Hey guys,

I was looking for some help with the Skybell Trim Plus integration with Smartthings. The original Skybell HD API does not seem to work with the Trim Plus. When the doorbell button is pressed it produces a error:

074305d5-0d36-48db-b527-f37792110055 ( 12:49:09 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: id for class: java.lang.String

The indoor and outdoor chime option is always reading ‘Off’ even though they are on in the Skybell app. The doorbell button does not trigger anything in Smartthings or IFTTT. The motion sensor is also not working in the integrated environment.

Not really sure what to do next. I have contacted ST and SB support and gone through all the various troubleshooting but they both agree it might have something to do with the API connector in between. I ran Live Logs and received that error.

Does anyone here have any further info that they can share? After digging around for a bit I realized that it’s been almost a year that the Trim Plus version has been out. Others must have also faced similar issues.

Please help!