Siri SDK (SiriKit)

So yesterday Apple announced a development kit which will allow 3rd parties such as ST to integrate their apps into Siri. Does anyone have any info about this?


This! Anyone at the WWDC that can comment?

It won’t work until iOS 10, and basically it allows you to tell Siri to do some of the things that a third-party app does without touching the screen for that app.

Note that this is not HomeKit for third-party Developers. It’s just giving a voice UI.

So imagine that you are at the kitchen sink washing your hands and you tell your friend to pick up your phone and Use the Uber app to call a ride. Or use the Fandango app to order movie tickets.

The app does what the app knows how to do, you’ve just added a voice interface to that app for a few specific features ( that Apple calls “intents”)

So SmartThings would have to decide that they want their iOS mobile app to be accessible via Siri. And then they would have to decide exactly what functionality would be available through that method that matched up with the available intents.

My guess is that this will be a NWIH feature for SmartThings unless they can offer comparable functionality on a Samsung galaxy through some other method. :wink:

I mean, open platform is all very well, but you’re not going to spend your own company’s resources to give a market advantage to another company’s products Unless it’s literally a do or die market feature.


See the developer reference for SiriKit - the scope of available intents is currently very limited and I don’t see interaction with HomeKit (or HomeKit-like) devices in the list.

Maybe things will change in the course of the beta program…

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Yeaaaaa I’m, kind of regretting my move to Android although OK Google interception with Auto Voice and Tasker has been one of the few things I really enjoy. I feel like getting OS wide voice support would be killer for Android or iOS.

It would give me another nudge back to Apple if ST pulled it out of their back pocket.

Yep, these are the scopes.

  • Audio or video calling
  • Messaging
  • Payments
  • Searching photos
  • Workouts
  • Ride booking

We don’t fit any of the categories. :confused:

Although maybe we should add a workout “routine” :wink:


Messaging might fit in a few cases.

Yeah messages might work but also routines as workout routines sound excellent.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of smartthings workout routine I could do…
I guess I do have an open/close sensor on my refrigerator door.

Open and get a beer, close, and open and get the chip-dip, and close…

Advanced workout, …motion sensors!