Siri to be open to third party apps

Don’t know if anyone caught the news from a few days ago, but at the latest conference Apple announced that third party apps will be able to utilise Siri in iOS10.

That could be a nice way around the HomeKit issue without needing to make a HomeKit bridge… Do you guys think smartthings will be interested in adding Siri hooks into their app? I know there are already ways to get Siri controlling things, but methods I have seen so far seem slightly convoluted compared to native iOS support.

Was quite excited to see this news :slight_smile:

Eventually. They have added an Apple Watch app and widgets. However, they still don’t have an iPad app or have utilized TouchID yet, so their history is rather flakey on iOS new features.

Hi for other discussions on this topic and the bad news and good news please see: Siri SDK (SiriKit)

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Don’t get too excited – – the Siri SDK option does not have any HomeKit features.

See the thread @Rigi03 suggested for discussion of details.

I love how Amazon Echo has made my house “voice controlled”. It has made my HA system significantly more user friendly. Imaging extending that same capability outside of your house. You can issue voice commands to your house from your car or work or the back yard or wherever. This will be great.

Again: no HomeKit intents are included in the new Siri SDK.

You’ll be able to check movie times and order an Uber. But no home control beyond what HomeKit already had.

Check out the “Roger” app if you have an iOS device. Alexa from anywhere.

Cheers for the replies guys - seems I got excited too soon!

Not sure why Amazon don’t sell Alexa in the UK still. Seems a bit of a no brainer but they don’t seem to be interested!

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