Single Gang Multi Switch

Looking for a SmartThings controlled switch that has multiple switches in a single gang box. Any thoughts?

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All the ones I’ve been able to find like this are scene controller switches, and right now ST doesn’t seem able to handle such controllers. Some people seem to have had luck with the two-switch Leviton controllers, and I’m not sure since I haven’t tried those. But the four button switches from Leviton definitely don’t work yet with ST.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the next questions but I’m new here. When you say scene control, you mean a unit like this?

This is not on the SmartThings compatibility list, but it is a zwave protocal. Will it work? Is any devices that works on Z-Wave able to work with smartthings? I would love to have 4 switches on one gang, as right now I have like 8 different switches lined up next to each other.

Yep, those are the ones I mean. :smile: I have three of them in my house, and they do not (currently) work with ST. They are z-wave, and you can get them to pair - but then all you get is a remote device. There is no device type in the system for them to work yet (although I’ve seen a couple of people say they were working on one.)

Right now, not EVERYTHING that is z-wave works with SmartThings. They are still working on getting things in the system and I’m not sure where these are on the priority list.

Thanks for the reply. Very helpful.

If i can bother you again. What is the difference between having a device type in the system and “all you get is a remote device”. Does this mean I can’t turn it on or off since it doesn’t have a device type?

When you say people are working on it, is this just the smartthings team working on it or can other people work on implementing these?

Edit: So I did some more research that I probably should have done before posting and see information on the developers side of things. Lot to learn it looks like.

Sorry - didn’t mean to get too technical there. When you pair the controllers, ST seems them as just a remote control. Which at the moment doesn’t have any code behind it. So you can see a “Thing” in your app, but you can’t do anything with it. A device type is the code that tells ST how to handle a particular “thing”.

I don’t remember anymore if the smartthings team chimed in, or if it was just other people working on it. But I do know that a LOT of people have requested they be worked on, so it might be on the radar now for ST.

:smile: Yeah, the development side of ST is fairly robust, and there’s a lot you can do yourself if you want to jump in and try some things out.

If you only need 2 switches, these: Leviton VRCS2-MRZ can be made to work with smart things. There are a couple of discussions about them on the forum, but here is one with the code to use them. Getting them to pair correctly is the hard part and there is a discussion here that describes the process.

Thx @bdahlem. I thought I remembered seeing something like that before but just couple remember. Thanks too for the links.

@bdahlem Thanks. @ $130 it will be a tough sell to the wife.

+1 to this discussion. Am also looking for a single Gang multi switch, but also a dimmer. . . . I know that’s a tall order, but it seems logical.

I’ll keep an eye on this.