Multi-switch to fit in single gang box?

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Total newbie to automation and am considering the ST hub.

One requirement that I have is for a couple multi-switches in 1 gang boxes (am trying to avoid 4 or 5 gang switches). I have checked a few threads looking for possible solutions but most of them are quite old and I assume that things have changed.

The only switch that I can find is this one

Are they any other suggestions and what do you use to program them?



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Did you notice that device is called a “scene controller”?

That’s because it does not control current for four different circuit branches.

In fact, it doesn’t turn the current on and off at all.

Instead, each button press sends a message to the hub and then the hub sends a message to the individual Devices, typically smart switches elsewhere in the house. So it’s not a 4 relay device in a single gang size. It’s a button controller stuck on the wall and drawing power from the mains.

So I just wanted to check first and see what you really needed for a “multi-switch.”

In most parts of the US, there are code limits as to how many wires can be in a single gang box. As far as I know, most of these would limit you to two relays in a single gang size, but you would need to check your local township.

If you just want four buttons in a single gang size to control switches on other circuits, there are a number of device possibilities for that. I don’t know of any smart device compatible with SmartThings that would let you handle four circuit branches in a single gang size, though.

@Navat604 or one of the other electricians in the community might be able to say more.

@JDRoberts, thanks for the response.

Ok, so then yes, what I am looking for and can anyone suggest any other options?

Also, can I get some recommendations on the controllers used to program them?



Sorry, I didn’t understand this response. Do you need to control multiple circuit branches from one switch? Or are you OK with a device which just sends a wireless message to the hub which then sends a wireless message to the light?

As far as controllers, this forum is for people who are using the Samsung Smartthings home automation platform. There are several different models of Samsung SmartThings hub, but as far as just lighting goes, they are all equivalent.

If you’re interested in discussion of other brands of home automation controllers, you would need to check a more general Home automation forum, like Reddit.

I am fine sending a wireless signal to the hub to send the control message to the light. As mentioned in the first post, I do not want to have multi-gang switches.

So, I have checked scene controllers and have found the Leviton one which is Z Wave. Question is whether anyone has used scene controllers with the SmartThings and if they can recommend them.

Secondly, from what I have read, the scene controller need to be programmed to communicate with the hub. Can anyone who may have used a devices like the Leviton RFTDCSG to program the scene controllers give some recommendations/reviews?

If as you have mentioned that these questions are outside the scope of this forum, I will look elsewhere.



If you have a smartthings hub, then you would use smartthings to manage the scenes based on the button presses on the scene controller. :sunglasses:

There are community members who have used that particular Leviton device with SmartThings successfully. But it is one of the more expensive options.

The following two threads should be of interest to you. Again, these will assume that you have a SmartThings Hub, and that you will set up the groups and rules with that. ( these are clickable links)

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Thanks. Will review the threads.

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