Simplified Clapper Integration

I did a search before posting to see if anyone has done this before and found this)

But I am a lazy man and like my “groovy kludges” so I guess if there are any others out there who might create an abomination like mine, here’s the build:

Buy this stuff

  1. Pick up a Clapper from Walgreens/Big Lots/Amazon, etc.

  2. Functional Devices Ribu1C - Rib Relay, Enclosed 10 Amp Spdt

  3. Aeotec by Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 ZW097-A

  4. cut a 2-prong cord end off an old lamp or something.

Jam them all together

  1. Strip the ends of the lamp cords and wire-tie them to the white/yellow and black/white leads coming out of the RIB (you can get rid of the blue/white).

  2. Plug the lamp cord into the III (bottom) outlet on the clapper, the II outlet gave too many false positives for my taste but the three claps seems to be more robust.

  3. Stick the yellow and orange leads into the dry contact sensor (you can get rid of the blue lead).

  4. Pair the dry contact sensor with Smartthings and now you have a open/closed sensor that you can use to do things. I’ve mapped mine to a virtual switch via the Smart Lighting App so if it is open, the switch is on.

  5. Find a nice box to put it all in that you can mount over an outlet and plug in the clapper. Alternately you can wrap the whole thing in electrical tape and make something that may make it look like you’ve wired your house with explosives, like this:

Finally, Clap ON! (and clap off)

cheese and rice. You are definitely the first, congratulations?

All that just to monitor? You could plug the clapper into a KW metering plug-in. but it wouldn’t have that Unabomber flair you got going on.

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I thought about doing that but then I would need something actually plugged into the clapper and drawing power. This way, it is a self contained unit without the need for any custom device types and it just behaves like a switch.

Great minds think alike. I did the same few months back.

Scroll down and see the pics i posted . Similar to yours. :smile: