Simple way to do direct HTTP to HUB

I have a Door Bird system for my house. I can set it up to make http(s) calls on a motion event, door bell button press, code entry, or RFID card used.

I have an integration via IFTTT (Webmaker) and it’s working.

However, I would prefer to switch the device directly trigger my ST HUB.

My HUB is already registered on my local DNS.

Is there a really simple way to configure the HUB so that e.g. a simulated switch is turned on when it receives a direct HTTP request? In IFTTT it’s simple enough :slight_smile:


To my knowledge, not at present. An Edge driver might be the perfect solution to this, and could make it really simple to do what you want to do, but unfortunately there is a restriction with the current Edge beta where specific port numbers can’t be requested; they are randomly assigned to the driver. What this means is that you couldn’t configure your HTTP calls to a known port on the hub.

There MAY be a way around this by using the multicast address, but probably best to wait for a solution to the port issue from SmartThings.

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Ah, that explains the absence of this obvious very cool gadget :slight_smile: I’ll wait patiently for it to go out of Beta and will live with IFTTT delays until then.