Is there API that my app can talk to the SmartThings Hub directly without internet?

I am trying to control Smart devices (Zigbee enabled) for one of my project. This project requires to work in no-internet environment.

Is there a API that my app can talk to the SmartThings Hub device locally without internet?

Thank you!

Unfortunately not. That’s not the architecture of Smartthings.

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I remember there used to have port 39500 to communicate with hub, but I don’t know whether it still is available or not.

Check out the Mira solution. His custom ST Edge drivers accept local IP traffic. However you are really working in a use case that ST was not designed to support (no internet). This question is more of a Hubitat strength.


The ST Edge sandboxing design won’t allow the hub to listen on a known constant port number. You can only bind/listen to a ephemeral port. In the case of Mira, this works as we register this port with Hubitat to contact us back on, and its updated any time it changes (driver restarts, hub reboots, etc).

So yes a driver can act as a server, but you’ll need to have it notify the listening port number using some mechansism (UPnP, mDNS, SSDP, etc could work as well.)