Water Shut off Valve

I have a round main water shut off valve. Something like this:
The dome water shut off valve will not be applicable in this scenario. Are there any alternatives for a round water shut off valve (which are as easy to install)?


I have not seen a round one.

However, you could shut off your main, cut the pipe after it and install a lever style ball valve. Then you would be all set for dome. Just make sure you leave enough room between the two to mount the dome.

Just a thought

Or you could just install this instead of another valve and dome

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Both will work but will require some more than average plumbing skills. Don’t really want to test my plumbing skills :grin::grin:

Unfortunately, controlling a multi-turn valve is a non-trivial mechanical challenge; so I have yet to see a retrofit solution.

I have the same desire; but doubt it will be fulfilled.

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SharkBite fittings are expensive but work great for this type of scenario and take very little Plumbing experience. They are made to just slide over your copper pipe and in my experience work amazingly well. You will pay 10 to 20 times as much as a normal Plumbing fitting but you’re paying for the convenience of being able to just slip the things onto your existing pipe and not have it leak.

SharkBite fittings do make it easy to “cut in” a new valve but for this application I wouldn’t do it. SharkBite fittings have a tendency to spin or rotate fairly easy. This would be a problem using something like the Dome style shutoff as the motion could easily rotate the valve and cause at best the valve to not properly close and at worst significant stress on the SharkBite fittings resulting in a failed fitting giving you a much much larger problem.

Sweat in the new valve and be done with it, the new style 1/4 turn ball valves are much more reliable so its money well spent.


I only had this problem once. I remember going on a week-long vacation near Los Angeles. The trip and the rest were great, but when I got home, I found water everywhere. It turned out that the water flowed from under the water shut-off valve and just flooded the entire first floor with water. I honestly didn’t know what to do or how to fix it so I just called emergency plumbing right away. They cleaned all the water and also fixed the problem, changed the water shut-off valve. I was lucky that the guys are working 24/7 because I found the problem when I arrived home at night.

When I was shopping for a water shutoff valve, one thing that was a deal breaker was if the valve was part of the shutoff device. If it started leaking, it doesn’t look like anything a big box hardware store would have.

I had the old rotary valve and paid a plumber to replace it with their 1/4 turn ball valve then I installed the Dome shutoff.

I have an automation that closes and opens the valve once a month to keep everything moving.