Simple question: Is the minimote still required?

You just have to see which ones support association and confirm it at the Zwave product alliance site for each model. I believe DragonTech does, for example.

That seems way too long. I have a virtual switch setup and it triggers within 1 second. Which SmartApp are you using?

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I’ve used both big switch and the lights app that came with the new client.

It’s probably more like 2 to ten seconds, but it’s never one.

Directly associating the Linear WT00Z with a Dimmer or a Switch is real time — no delays. Much faster than any smart app.

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Real-time and local. :sunglasses:

So just to sum things up in terms of switch options:

  1. GE/Jasco dimmers (e.g.
    a. Does not support direct association therefor there may be a delay when interacting with lights on a different circuit, otherwise it’s instant.
    b. Supports LED bulbs but there may be a buzz.
    c. Works as a normal switch when the hub/service is down.

  2. Linear dimmers (e.g.
    a. Support direct association therefore needing a minimote for initial setup. After setup, the minimote is no longer needed unless I would like to setup a new set of switches.
    b. Supports LED bulbs with no buzz.
    c. Works as a normal switch when the hub/service is down.

If the above is true, then it sounds as though the Linear switches would be the best option in terms of performance and options. Did I miss anything?

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That doesn’t match my understanding of those models.

Again, @codytruscott can answer better because he is been communicating directly with Linear, but I believe the old Linear installer materials say they support direct association but the models actually don’t. Did you check the conformance statements at the Z wave alliance website? Because those will be accurate.

Also, some of the GE models do support direct association but instant status update and direct association are not the same thing.

Direct association has to do with how quickly 1 zwave device can talk to another Z wave device without talking to the hub.

Instant status update has to do with how quickly a wall switch tells the hub that there has been a change at the physical wall switch.

So direct association is particularly important when you have a virtual three way switches. But the GE’s don’t use virtual three way switches, they use traveler wires, which creates a physical 3 way. It’s also useful, though, when you have motion sensors turn on the light switches. And that’s something that you can do with the GE switches.

Instant status update is particularly important if you’re going to have other things happen when a switch comes on, not just the lights on that particular circuit. But a lot of people don’t need that feature at all, which is why the cheapest switches like the GE’s don’t bother to pay the patent license to add it.

I’m on my phone and have a short attention span at the moment, but the linear accessory switch wt00z supports one association group. You can configure it with the minimote or Duncan’s (I think) device type that has an association preference.

You can then switch back to the normal device type without harming the association.

The wt00z + the linear dimmer (wd500z) using association makes for instantaneous on/off/dimming in a 3+ way setup and works even when the hub is off.

The wd500z itself, contrary to the manual, does not support association groups — it can’t control other dimmers or devices directly.

Hope I answered the question even tho I only read half of it. :wink:

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Thanks for the explanations. I think I got it now and it sounds like the GE switches are the way to go for me. :slight_smile:


I use GE Dimmers/Switches everywhere except where I need 3 way.

There I use Linear and they work great! dimming from the Aux switch is instantaneous and does NOT depend on the hub at all.

I have 2 sets of 3 ways. One in the Den and one in a hallway.

You cannot tell which is the aux and which is the load control from the response time because the response time is so fast.

Response time is NOT affected by whether the hub is on or offline. It always works.

In the hallway, all the needed wiring, neutrals and travelers were there, but I do not use the travelers.

In the Den where the primary load switch is located there was NO neutral, but there was a traveler.

So I use the traveler from the aux to send the neutral over to the load switch.

I have used direct association in 2 other situations.

The Enerwave motion control can directly control a switch, any kind of zwave switch. So I setup an enerwave motion control to directly control a GE light switch.

I have also used an old school Ge Zwave keypad that has direct association to control an outside flood light GE switch.

You said you have 2-3 seconds delay for the “BIG SWITCH” app? I would love a delay of only 2-3 seconds. There is one place where I have a zwave load switch control a zigbee light and the delay is more like 30 to 60 seconds.

I was thinking of replacing the z wave load switch with another linear aux switch and replace the zigbee light with a zwave light. But I keep forgetting to do this.


Can you point me toward “Duncan’s (I think) device type that has an association preference”? This sounds like exactly what I need, since I have no need for the minimote aside from the association itself.

Sorry for resurrecting this, I just can’t seem to find another answer!

This used to work with the V1 hub, but it’s from a long time ago and I don’t know if it still works.

Let us know if it works!

Just an fyi… I have four Minimotes. I use one as the controller for my guest room, one each on mine and the wife’s night stands, and then one in the living room to adjust the lights.

They don’t get used a whole lot, but they are still useful.

And they are great for ensuring that a zwave device is reset completely.

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