Simple piston not working

I can’t get my Switch 4 or 9 to work on before 11am.
Should be a simple piston that does:
If before/after sunrise/sunset and If Contact xyz is Opened
Then Turn On Switch 8 and 11
But If it is also after 11am (still - If before/after sunrise/sunset and If Contact xyz is Opened)
Then Turn On Switch 4 and 9.

Seems if the first is true, it executes but ignores the second if.

Your saying the second if should execute if “also before 11” but the test says after 11.

Sorry, I checked that too when testing.
I meant after, I corrected the original post.

Two things you need to change the 1st condition should be “and between sunset and sunrise” this is a option ( should stop the evaluation twice). You also need to change the 1st if to asyronous (click the if then select the cog and it’s near the bottom).

Also if you head over to your get better responses as that’s where we all are now for WebCoRE questions :slight_smile:

you can import this and just change it to your devices

Thanks - What is the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous?

Async means that two IFs should run simultaneously. In practice it cannot as only one task can run at one time but with async the second IF will not be dependent on the first to be evaluated.

Thanks. So in @borristhecat example, it will run line IFs on 17 and 30 no matter what?

They will only run if the conditions in those IFs are met.

Check out the WebCORE wiki page…

And the WebCORE community forum…