Adding parameters to device handler for Z-Wave RGBW Bulb

Hi I’m just taking first steps in adapting device handlers and was hoping someone could show me how to add the code to introduce z-wave configuration parameters into a device handler.

The problem I’m grappling with relates to a Zipato RGBW Bulb2. I need to be able to turn this on by toggling the power switch OFF to ON (whilst it’s switched off in the ST App). You used to be able to do this with these bulbs but Zipato updated their firmware recently and with the new bulbs turned the “on/off state on power outage resume” parameter to default to permanently off. I’m using the ST standard Aeon RGBW bulb DH.

I’ve tried the Z-wave tweaker but none of the parameters it found controlled that function and I’ve tried the Aeon RGBW Bulb Advanced DH which has a number of parameter settings that are configurable but the DH only works for ON/Off and colour change for me. It’s a shame that it doesn’t fully work for those bulbs as the author has added an even cooler function which is to be able to toggle the state of the bulb from OFF to ON and vice versa with the power switch whilst retaining the connection to the ST controller. I’d love to be able to do that with the Zipato bulbs.

I have also looked at the code for that handler but, being a novice, couldn’t quite work out which bits of code were needed to just add parameter configuration.

Of course the next thing will be finding out which Z-wave parameter is used for “on/off state on power outage resume” for the Zipato bulbs - so any suggestions for that would also be gratefully received.

Many thanks.