Github vs Manual installation of SmartApps

Hi all, I am new to smartthings and am looking at installing some smart apps. I see that for many of them, there are 2 ways of installing, one by using a github url and the other is by copy paste of code. Is there any advantage of the github install over the copy paste? I was wondering if there will be automatic updates of the code when there are new changes published.

There’s no automatic updates, but by doing the import via Github you’ll be able to see the differences when you update. It’s harder to see them if you use the copy/paste method.

It think the repo way should be done for most people, but I’m really missing some sort of decent app store where you have tested releases. You never really know what you get when you do an update.

I’m experimenting with a third way of integrating which lets me see the difference on my local computer before committing to them. I’m not sure if it’s better yet but I like the control it gives me. You can take a look at it here:


Hi Andrew, Thanks for your response. I didn’t quite understand the third way. I think it will be way too much for me at the moment as I haven’t used github before :smile:.

Sure, I completely understand that. My advice would be to go with the Github way if you can figure that out. :slight_smile:


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