Shut Off a Device Command On Echo Dot

I just bought my second Eco Dot, but I want to shut off a command that locks my door for the one placed downstairs. For security reasons I do not want someone screaming outside to unlock the front door. Is there any way of doing this.

Depending on how in depth you want to get you can install a smart app called EchoSistant.

It allows you to lock and unlock your doors via Alexa, but it also has an optional security pin.

The pin works for doors, locks, thermostats, routines, switches…

The current version is 3. Version 4 will be out very very soon.

Echo won’t control locks unless you take extra measures or create a path to do that?

Don’t let the Echo control the lock. Now it can’t be locked or unlocked by someone yelling.

Give the lock a unique name or a virtual switch a unique name. Kinda basic but most people are not going to yell different things hoping to guess the right word.

I’m sure there is even more options or possibilities.

Devices connected to the Echo are account wide. Any Echo you have on that account uses the same list of devices. There is no way that I know of to restrict the usage of a device to a single echo.


Create Virtual Switch and name it “password”

Use CoRE to tell the Lock to unlock/lock when switch changes to off/on and another rule to tell the switch to be on/off if Lock is locked/unlocked.

Keep “password” to yourself.

Plug it into a smart switch. My first floor echo is plugged into a smart switch that turns it off when no one is home. I do not shut it off when we are sleeping because the boot welcome sounds are too loud in the morning for people who sleep in. But that would be an option if it works in your house.

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I like this idea. easier to setup and manage.

I did get 75% of the way through the setup then AWS asked for a CC and at that point I gave up on it.

also you get to buy another device! win win

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Lol. I’m a noob to the smart home world, but i felt pretty proud of myself when I was able to get my alarm system to run through ST

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yeah… you really don’t have to worry about being charged… you’d have to use it literally a million times in a month to be charged a dollar…

I just tell folks to get a prepaid 5.00 visa gift card.

Thanks. I will give it a shot.