Shut down PC using Google Home and SmartThings?

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I have a PC (running Open Media Vault) in my home and I am looking to shut it down using a Voice Command like “Ok Google - turn off computer” - which will essentially execute a shutdown command to turn off my PC - can this be done via ST Hub?


I can’t find any documentation that there is an API available for OMV that would allow for doing a shutdown via an HTTP call. If there was and assuming you have a ST hub, you could create a virtual device to represent the PC and tell Google to turn it on/off. Then in ST, you could use the Web Requestor Edge driver to send the web request to your PC when the virtual device is turned on/off.


hi try messaging @TAustin i think he might be able to help.


It’s not hard to do from Google Home without a ST Hub. One is not dependent on the other.

Google Home Script Editor opens up a whole world of possibilities that you cant really do with the app. With that being said if you don’t care if you are saving whatever then plug your PC into a smart outlet , code your script , turn it off via script

If you want to graceful then therei are multiple ways to do it some of which have been discussed in this thread.

thanks @OpethNJ - Let me explore Script editor.

Which thread are you referencing?

Sorry about that , you think I would know better than to replay at 4am or whatever it was.

Anyway, if you have IFTTT this becomes even easier.

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SwitchBot has integrations with both Google Assistant and SmartThings. One options is to get a SwitchBot Bot to press your computer’s power button and a Switchbut Hub. I do it to turn on my computer when I arrive home or via Alexa.

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I was thinking on that @TenchiMisaki but dont want to keep adding more devices.

@OpethNJ I dont have IFTTT, but let me see what they did and maybe I can repurpose. Ty