SHOWSTOPPER! Get around fatal dependency on

It’s been fun to experiment using the API but as I get more serious it is absolutely necessary that my house functions even if Verizon decides to wait three days to fix my connectivity. How can I connect directly to the hub and to run my application (a shim between http and the hub) locally.

Until sometime next year, you can’t. Even then you will need to buy a new hub.

Currently the ST hub requires an active internet connection to function. There is no way around this, using SmartApp’s the SmartThings App, Schedules etc all require the hub talk to the “cloud”.

If your issue is your internet stability you can switch providers? Or add a backup connection, the right router and a usb Cell Card would be one way. There is talks of a ST Hub Version 2 coming next year that will allow a lot of local control but not much info has been given on what and when.

Eh… there’s been plenty of what, in my opinion. Though the when is not as solid. Here’s the thread on it:

The most official “when” was in post nine: SmartThings Hub Version 2.0 and references Q1 or 2015, though that was definitely unofficial.

@chrisb you are certainly correct on the “what” info being out there. @ben has done a wonderful job of providing limited details here and there. But until ST provides and official release of what’s coming or when I won’t hold my breath on anything. One thing is for sure, V2 will provide at least some of the features we’ve been begging for.

This is not at all about ISP stability but about the fundamental architectural problem of the dependency framing of layers circa the 19th century vs. the digital native approach of defining relationships apart from the accidental property of the physical paths.

I also have problems with the dependency on a hub but that’s a larger issue and part of what I spoke about in

@bobfrankston : You do realize that there is a lot of materials on this conversation, your not bringing up anything new. Though I suspect most of us agree with you, and SmartThings is working on it with the new hub, please realize that most of this has been beaten up in conversation… To start a thread “SHOWSTOPPER” “fatal dependency” etc, was just putting a new thread on an old topic.

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Can you point to the existing discussion. I tried to look for it but it’s unclear how to find it.

@bobfrankston This was a limitation of the architecture before you purchased it, it has been discussed several times so did you not research the platform before you invested in it??

I’m not asking for my money back – just trying to make things better as I try to move beyond demo mode.

Search for the topic on Hub 2.0. There’s some good discussion about what’s happening there.