Shout out to the GOAT

With the deprecation of Groovy on SmartThings – which brought us the superApps Echo Speaks and webCoRE – I would like to give a shout out to what I believe was the GOAT.

My bet almost everyone used and/or abused this great smartApp which was the work of @MichaelS :slight_smile:

Fair Winds and Following Seas to the Originals!


I never got to know it as I only bought a hub this last year, but I find this work by @TAustin really formidable, and it runs locally.


That you for the kind words @Bloodtick_Jones ! While I have moved away from SmartThings, I am still in the automation community using Home Assistant.


There have been a lot of amazing and very generous developers in this community over the years. Some have moved on to other things, some are still here, and i hope there will continue to be new ones in the future. :sunglasses: :beers:


It was an excellent app and I relied upon it heavily. Bravo!

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