Should ST price match?

I think this has come up in several discussions and is an attempt to persuade ST to price match the products they sell. I hate buying stuff from others when those are readily available at ST store but the price difference makes me go for it.

Classic example: First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO detector… sold at a store near you…39.99 vs. 50.00.

Much rather see the dollars go to ST. Lets catch hold of @ben. :slight_smile:

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STs has to make money too. In the line from Manufacturer>wholsaler>distributor>Some sort of othe middle man im sure>SmartThings there is markup in each transaction.

for things like the zwave smoke detector or LFM-20 relay i would bargain shop. You’re buying the same device no matter what.

As for all the other sensors, STs are the BEST hands down. You can go with the other stuff but the report times and quality of the devices is garbage compared to STs. I baragin shopped and am now going through the process of replacing all my motion sensors with STs sensors because every other motion sensor out there is garbage in comparison.

Most of my stuff is ST too. I am not talking about buying cheaper and worthless products but buying the same stuff that ST sells in their store for a lower price from some other seller! It is the bargain shopping that I am talking about.

I have 3 ST motion sensors, 3 ST Multi’s, ST humidity/temp, ST moisture…

Wasn’t “calling you out” was merely stating facts :smile:

We’re all freinds here.

The stuff you can find at home depot won’t be any cheaper on the STs site any time soon i don’t think. Home depot buys them at a cheaper cost plain and simple. I was commenting on the fact that you can buy other motion sensors for cheaper, but i caution against that, as they suck lol.