New Voice App called Shortcut?

(John Palmer) #1

Available for Android right now but talked with them and IOS is about a month out. Has anyone tried this? Says it integrates with Smartthings. Not a lot of info on the site.

(Andy) #2

Looks really cool, I’ll be trying it out tonight!

It appears to connect just fine, will be interesting to see the speed when I get home to test it

(Christopher Masiello) #3

This looks really promising. I’m looking for something exactly like this. I have an iPhone, so I’ll have to wait. Let me know how it works out for you.

(Andy) #4

Tested it out a little and while it turns things on and off well with a manual press, it’s not very good when handling voice. It seems to do a poor job at voice recognition, and when it does recognize my voice it rarely kicks off the action, it’s strange.

(Ben Edwards) #5

Funny. I had seen this yesterday but didn’t see the SmartThings logos in their app. Interesting. We have been talking about voice as an input mechanism and done some quick proof of concepts but we found it to still (this is after 2 decades or more of promises) to be hit or miss. Will check this out.

(Jim Beletti) #6

I installed this app tonight.

  • Logged into my Home hub via ST web panel
  • Logged into outdoor security camera to see back windows of home (we’re out of state now)
  • Pressed the blue microphone icon in the Shortcut app and spoke “turn on sconce light”, then pressed the red Google microphone
  • I watched the room light up
  • I issued a “turn off scone light” voice command in the same manner and watched the room light go out
  • I viewed the Event List for the sconce light in the ST web panel and found this in the activity log:

Date Source Type Name Value Displayed Text Changed
13 Apr 2014 03:41:05
moments ago DEVICE /digital switch off Sconce Light is off true
13 Apr 2014 03:41:00
moments ago COMMAND off off command was sent to Sconce Light true
13 Apr 2014 03:40:59
moments ago APP_COMMAND off Shortcut sent off command to Sconce Light true
13 Apr 2014 03:40:56
moments ago DEVICE /digital switch on Sconce Light is on true
13 Apr 2014 03:40:56
moments ago DEVICE /digital level 22 Sconce Light dimmed 22 % false
13 Apr 2014 03:40:51
moments ago COMMAND on on command was sent to Sconce Light true
13 Apr 2014 03:40:51
moments ago APP_COMMAND on Shortcut sent on command to Sconce Light true

In my limited test of a single item - this app worked for me.

Preferred for me over this app however, is to be able to use Tasker to do this. I want to just swipe my home screen and tell the phone to unlock a door and turn of/off a light etc.

(Kyle F) #7

I agree that a tasker plugin would be ideal. Thanks for sharing this app. I just tested it and it works pretty well if you speak slowly and very clearly. It’s not as good at understanding me as google now or autovoice, but it works. The other thing I like about this app is that it can read and write to fitbit using their API. I never logged food or drinks in fitbit and this makes it a little easier to do it, I just said drink 17 oz of water and then checked my fitbit account and the water was there.