SHM Loading Animation

Is this loading animation for SHM new or have I just not paid attention before? No recent app updates and this is in iOS.

It shows up on Android also. Must be something new.

Definitely new, I’m betting it’s part of a fix they’re just rolling out.

Look at “Past Events”…

Mine is blank?

Edit: just noticed it has a horizontal scrolling loading animation. Not sure if it was there before…

Looks like some changes are sneaking in…

Mine is prettier, although I haven’t used SHM since December, I still have a log:

What’s funny is I have been using it consistently, even through all the platform issues having to delete and re-create it all the time

And my past events are back. Slight bug at the bottom. SHM also decided to let me arm and disarm it this morning without having to delete and rebuild it. Progress!