SHM and states not updating


(Ryan) #1

I created a SmartApp and Device Handler to monitor alarm contacts from my Raspberry Pi. It is working from the Pi side and the SmartThings devices are working great too, changing color and icons as the contacts open and close.

At first I built the Device Type to have the states as ‘0’ and ‘1’, but then later realized I should stick to the standard of ‘open’ and ‘closed’. But Smart Home Monitor (SHM) keeps showing the contacts as set to 0. I have removed them from the app, uninstalled them, even deleted the entire device and recreated… but SHM still says the device is 0 right now. Why is it not picking up the new states?

If I look at the device in the web api, I get “No states found” as well. But the states seem to change fine from a tile perspective. Seems like I am missing something?

Thanks a lot for any help or guidance.

(Ryan) #2

Found the problem, in addition to the states having to use standard names, the tile does too. Well, not sure if it is the name or the attribute, changed the name to “contact” and the attribute to “”. Thinking it was probably just the attribute that needed the change. SHM and the dev portal now show the statuses though, yay!

Is there a list of all the standard attribute names somewhere?

Hope this might help someone else having similar issues.