Sheilded box for presence sensor

I want to be able to put my Guest presence sensor in a box when not in use so it appears that it is always “Away”. Then I can take it out and give it to guests when staying for a few days.

I was thinking about using an Altoids container and lining it with either aluminum or copper foil.

I know wrapping it in foil works but it’s just sort of unrefined.

I was hoping to avoid removing the batter but I guess that is also an option.


Can you just direct your guests to install/uninstall the batteries when coming and going? Saves battery life.

You could also have them put it in a microwave.

Replacing batteries in that thing is dangerous. Those things break so easily.

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How about adding a Guest virtual switch, then adding a requirement for it to be turned on, along with the presence sensor present, in order to do whatever you’re trying to do? That way if the guest virtual switch is off, the presence sensor doesn’t trigger anything to happen, but if the Guest switch is on, then it does.

Assuming you’re using CoRE, it would be something like this:

If Activate Guest switch is on
Guest presence sensor changes to present
Perform actions

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The easiest thing is just to buy a “Faraday bag” at Amazon. One that’s cell phone size will cost anywhere from four dollars to $30 depending on how fancy they are.

Exacly. Breaking while removing the battery is my concern.

We have a presence that we give out to our family that takes care of her kids when my wife and I go away. This happens maybe three or four times a year. I take the battery out of my mine when I’m not using it because the batteries for it or expensive and most of the battery drain comes from inactivity anyway (when we are in town and the presence sensor just sits in our junk drawer).

Yeah. I wrote a DTH for that exact purpose. See if it can help you :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ll give it a try. Thank you soo much!

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So far the device handler look pretty good!