Presence sensor and guests

I have a guest who is coming to stay with us. I’ll give him a set of keys that has a Presence sensor. Aside from recreating rules and alerts, is there a way to easily have the Presence sensor perform the same action as my phone?

How do you have your controls set up now?

In my “presence” dashboard I have it activating “goodbye” and “im back” based on which presence sensors are home. All you would have to do is add that presence sensor to this config.

OK so if I leave with my phone, it will say goodbye right now. But what if I leave and the presence is still home? I guess I have to set it only for when the guests are here, and then remove it when they are out so that the overlap between us coming and going doesn’t conflict?

or keep the presence sensor in your car for now

@iHavequestions What did you end up doing with this? I have the same desire to have a presence sensor for my guests and am wondering what solution you went with or think is best.