SharpTools Voice Controlled Routine Causing Delay?

Hello everybody. I’m fairly new to home automation, but I’m starting to get hooked quickly. I just set up my Android to be able to turn off my lights from an “Ok, Google” command via AutoVoice -> Tasker -> SharpTools. Everything is working great except there is a noticeable delay (maybe 15s) until the lights turn off.

Currently, I have SharpTools executing a SmartThings routine. Is the routine contributing to that delay?Would it be faster to have SharpTools directly turn off the devices? @joshua_lyon any thoughts? (Also, is this the right place for this discussion?)

It might be because you are running it through a routine… although my routines are almost always instant to fire off. Also if you need prebuilt voice profiles for Autovoice, tasker and sharptools check this out: Tasker + Autovoice + Sharptools Android ST Voice Control Profiles

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Similar to @ZebraBlinds I wouldn’t expect the Routines to add a significant overhead. As a reference point, my voice commands complete within 1-2 seconds and the delay usually isn’t noticeable at all. I would probably start by trying to narrow down where the delays are occurring. You might try manually triggering Routines and Device changes directly in the main SharpTools UI or by creating a test Tasker Task.

I’ve seen a few cases where certain voice matching profiles with AutoVoice (or having several voice matching profiles) can slow things down a bit - usually it’s a matter of simplifying the AutoVoice logic – taking a look at Neal’s prefabbed profiles might be a good approach for that. Sharing your AutoVoice profiles might be a good next step as well.

I’m also including a link to the main SharpTools example on integrating AutoVoice – my apologies if you’ve already seen this, but if not it may give you some ideas:


Ok, upon some additional investigation, it is he first SharpTools action in “awhile” which takes a bunch of time. Maybe it’s the oauth handshake?? I’m wondering if I leaving on auto-refresh would eliminate that. I’ll try that soon.

Thanks for the additional details and I’m glad to hear that you are making progress on narrowing it down! How did you confirm it was SharpTools rather than one of the preceding steps? If there are meaningful logs that you could share with me, I’d love to see them so I could troubleshoot or even try to reproduce on my end.