Severe Weather (Febuary 2023)

It appears the severe weather alert smartapp has been removed from the Automations section and in its place, a new Routine has appeared for severe weather.

update: looks like there is a new severe weather smartapp available in Add Routine > Discover. unless it is the old version - I dunno!

I don’t see that, but i never had the previous one installed for long.

I found what i think was the groovy code, installed it, but i don’t think it worked, probably because I’m in Canada (?)

No, all Groovy apps were turned off in early January.

all custom groovy apps were turned off. there were still some groovy smartapps that ST will not turn off until they migrate them to the newer versions such as smart lighting and the smart weather I believe.

I did that long before groovy was shut down.
Didn’t seem to work for me, assuming the code i found was valid. Seemed geared for US zip codes.