Setting webCore Variable from Virtual Thermostat Setpoint

I’m trying to control the variables used by a piston for my thermostats from the smartthings app. As one specific example, I’d like to be able to change something in the app and the temperature setpoint used by the part of the piston (e.g., Daytime while home) will automatically update.

I thought this could be done with a virtual thermostat and have the piston set the appropriate variables by reading the setpoints from a virtual thermostat. But I don’t see a virtual thermostat in the IDE. I do see a simulated thermostat but that doesn’t seem to work (e.g., a lot of Celsius/Fahrenheit confusion, networks errors when setpoint changes).

Any idea how to accomplish this?

I can’t answer your question but just wanted to point out that when groovy support is removed on the ST platform… webcore, and any virtual or simulated devices created in IDE will cease.

You may want to consider an Edge driver instead but not sure how compatible it is with webcore… possible you will encounter the same issue.

Yes I understand. That just seems to be taking a while with no guidance on when the switch will happen. And was hoping there was a simple way to do it.

You can post on the webcore forum also. There are a few users who enjoy these questions and helping users solve them.

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Got it, thanks!

The ‘Simulated XXX’ family of devices were really intended to simulate the behaviour of ‘real’ devices for testing. In many/most cases that makes them the same as what we tend to call ‘virtual’ devices, though perhaps with the capability to simulate things like going offline/online as a ‘real’ device might. The Simulated Thermostat is a bit different though. It isn’t just simulating the control panel of a thermostat, it is simulating the changes to sensor inputs. If you turn the heating on the temperature increases etc.

So even if it worked in the app it may or may not do what you want. You probably just need a virtual/simulated temperature sensor to hold a temperature for you like a variable.

Oh very interesting. I see the simulated temperature sensor has a ‘dimmer’ % that you can change to change the temperature of the simulated temperature sensor. Thinking that may work.

Using the simulated temperature sensor works great, thanks! Will work out a new solution later when groovy goes away.