Setting up ST Hub and ST IDE in Australia

Hi all,

I am completely new to the world of ST and just purchased a ST Hub from the US (I think) and have purchased a Konnected Home Alarm intergration kit.

My issue at this point is getting the Hub to show up on the ST IDE.

I am getting the message “You dont have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.”

I have done this, and on the Smart Things mobile app (original) it is showing as ONLINE.

Status: Active.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue, to have the ST Hub show up/connect on the IDE?

Many thanks in advance!

I suspect that you may have two different Accounts (or there is a synchronization problem related to Accounts); various folks have reported your experience and sometimes they say it clears itself up, and in other cases they have needed help from or have had success with some convoluted steps.

There are still “Samsung” Accounts vs “SmartThings” Accounts; SmartThings is merging all the SmartThings Accounts into Samsung Accounts but this is still ongoing.

Because you are in Australia, your are in an entirely separate region of the SmartThings Cloud (and, quite likely, a different region of the Samsung Account authentication system too…).

Waiting a while … might work.

One thing to try? In the IDE, create a dummy Location (under My Locations). If this Location shows up in the SmartThings Classic App, then, well… then something must be in sync!

Hi Tgauchat,

Thank you for your response.

I have two locations set up (as part of the steps to connect up my integration) and they are not showing up in the ST IDE.

You are correct that there may be an issue with the accounts, as no locations are showing in the App except for ‘‘Home’’.

How do I rectify this accounts issue?

I contacted support and they advised I was on the wrong server.

I went to and it was found!

Hope this helps anyone in the future with this issue.

When you login to your IDE, go to and you shouldn’t run into that issue anymore.


Gee… I could have told you that! All you needed to do was check under the My Locations tab: it will show your Hubs regardless of what URL (Shard) you initially use.

After all, I wrote the book on Shards: