Setting up Smartthings with a ethernet switch?

Have Smarthings V. 3. AT&T Uverse brings internet into the house. Had a netgear 16 port switch with:
Uverse Router->Netgear switch->Smartthings. Believe lightning surge damaged Netgear (unmanaged) switch. Need to replace (Smartthings works if Uverse->Smarthings) switch. Does it make sense to get a managed switch? Would this allow me to devote more “bandwidth” to Smartthings/give it “priority”?

Obviously, not a “network guru”.

Not for smartthings alone… its a very low bandwidth service. If you need POE or QOS to prioritize gaming, VOIP, or video streaming then yes.

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Agreed. No reason for ST. I have mine on an unmanaged TP-Link switch. Actually now that I think of it, two (FIOS modem->switch->Orbi base->Orbi satellite->switch->ST). No issues.

I also have my HT system on that same path streaming 1080p on sometimes two screens with no lag. That is much more bandwidth intensive than anything ST can generate. I also have a teen perpetually on his PC at the modem side switch with no appreciable effect.

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Alright then. Thanks!