Setting up Smartthings to replace my Iris setup. Some items of concern

What do you mean by simulator. Are you trying to use that in the IDE?

Yes, trying to use the simulator in the IDE.

I would suggest against that. My understanding is that the simulator can be flacky with some device integrations. I would suggest you install the app and then configure it to test.

Sorry for my noob-iness but I am not sure how to install it and configure it to test. I just went through the IDE tutorial yesterday, did the groovy tutorial app(copy paste, test, etc) and played around with other built in sample smart apps. For all of these I used the simulator which allowed me to select specific devices I had connected to utilize in the smart app and then save and publish them, I dont know any other way I guess is what I am saying. Thanks!

The simulator is one part of the IDE that people used to test code they are writing. ( but as was mentioned, it’s pretty flaking now, it hasn’t kept up with all the changes over the years) You don’t need to use that part for installs.

Try the custom code FAQ and see if it helps explain the process you will need. (The topic title is a clickable link)