Setting up an "alarm" if Yale lock unlocks between certain hours? (i.e. Lights turn on and Alexa play an alarm sound)

I’m looking to setup an alarm of sorts, if my Yale lock unlocks, I’d like my lights to turn on and have Alexa play a song or alarm sound. But I’d only like to this happen either between certain hours (i.e. midnight to 6am) or after I say “Alexa goodnight” or “Alexa turn on the alarm”, etc. Is that possible?

I already have Rboy apps for turning on/off my lights when I unlock/lock via the keypad only (no change when manually locking/unlocking). I’m not sure how I could setup duplicate device handler rules without messing on the existing ones?


Definitely possible, but you will need a virtual device to act as the trigger for an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine). This is a very popular kind of use case and a lot of people use it.

So you put whatever logic you want on the smartthings side like time of day, etc, and use that to control when you turn on the virtual device that will trigger the echo routine.

So in the echo routine, that virtual device turning on is the “if“ and you will use “announcements“ in the routine for the “that“ to speak your desired phrase from your desired echo devices

See the community – created FAQ for the details:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

You will need to use an edge Driver for the Virtual device once the transition to the new architecture is complete, and the FAQ includes a link for one of those if you want to go ahead and get started with that method.

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That sounds simple enough. I have very little experience with ST so if I have any further questions I’ll check back but now I know where to start reading, thank you!

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