Setting Ikea Bulb Colours

I’m hoping someone can help here. I ma trying to set my Ikea bulbs to specific colours using the colour wheel and I just cannot get the one I want. If I use Alexa to set one of the standard colours I end up with Hue 13 and Saturation 48 reported in the IDE. But no matter what I do I cannot get this same colour using the colour wheel selection tool.

Does anyone know a way around this?

What color is it? Red? :wink:

Look at this topic, especially the last 10-15 posts:

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Many thanks - not sure why my searching did not find this!!

It’s actually the whites I am trying to get right - there are two values that equate to the soft white and warm white of the non RGB bulbs - and I just cannot set them from the ST UI! (I can from Alexa using the right names - “Sandy Brown” and “Chocolate”.)

I’m still wrestling with the IKEA set up. I’d like to have them in ST but the remotes not working fully is a pain. If they could be made to dim the lights when connected to ST so that the left and right buttons could still be used to set colours it would perfect. I would have thought that could be done with a device handler (but I am no coder - would not even know where to start)

The alternative is going Philips Hue - but they are just so expensive…