IKEA trådfri bulbs color problem with smartthings

Hello, I own a number of IKEA bulbs, that I previously used with the IKEA hub and a 5 button remote (the UFO shaped one). I bought smartthings hub to be able to collect all devices on one platform and setup my automations there. I love the app and the automation builder, and the so far all devices that I owned have been more or less compatible with smartthings. However, I see some room for improvement when it comes to my IKEA bulbs and remote.

When I used them with the IKEA app I were able to set very vibrant colors, and I were able to have warm or cold white light. Now that I am using the smartthings app, the color picker doesn’t work very well with the IKEA bulbs and I do not understand why. There are a variety of colors that I am not able to set at all, for example if i drag the dot in the color picker to the most red color on the scheme it will wait for a second and then jump to pitch purple instead, making it impossible to select red light. If I put it a bit more towards orange it will work though, but the red “red” doesn’t allow to be picked. This is just one example there are many other colors that it will simply not choose and jump to a different color instead. Why is that?

When it comes to warm/cold white light I also cannot seem to chose that anyhow. I can drag the color picker to a yellow/orange-ish color but that looks nothing like the warm light that I were able to select in the IKEA app. If I put the colorpicker in the dead center (white) the light from the bulbs will look like the cold white light that the IKEA app also sets. But I really don’t understand how to turn up the warm light, is that even possible with the smartthings system?

Are you talking about the pairing process? I managed to pair my bulbs. My problem is that I am not satisfied with the colored light of the bulbs when set from the smartthings system, which seemed to work better in the IKEA app. I mean, the bulbs themselves have great potential, they are capable of very vibrant colors, I just can’t use their full potential with using them with smartthings, which I think is very sad.

Look at this topic, the issue has been raised already.

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Thanks for pointing me to that topic. Can I somehow close this duplicate thread?

By the way, have you got any voice control on your system? Try to ask Google or Alexa to change the color of the bulb to red.
Actually the color selector in the classic app allows you to select red, but on the other end of spectrum, on the edge.