Setting default dimmer levels after dark possible?

Hi All,

I would like to create an automation that triggers after sunset to change the default dimmer switch levels. After sunset I really only want them going up to about 60% of max, I would then have them go back to 100% in the morning. Is this possible? Thanks.


Here I have a Fibaro Dimmer 2 module.

There is a nightmode I activated.

During the evening and night the light in the bathroom is 1%. With a Hue Dimmer Switch I can turn it higher.

Grtn Ben

Thanks Ben. That looks like an interesting option. Is that a custom smart app or how did you build it?

I use a duplicate set of rules for all my buttons/switches (I only use smart bulbs)… One rule that only applies when eg. in Night mode = Turn on and set dimm level to 10%, and one rule that only applies to Home mode = Turn on and set dimm level to 70%
As you can create multiple modes, you could create two “Home modes”… One normal and one dimmed… And then make a rule that automatically change to “Home dimmed” at sunset, and vice versa…

Edit: Just realized that you can also do this based on time of day in the Smart lighting app…
Eg. a set of rules that applies only between 6 AM to 6 PM, and another set for the rest of the day…
Lots of options i guess… :sunglasses:

This driver I took

PS you need this specific dimmer for this driver.

use webcore. you will have all the options that come to mind :smile:
it never disappointed me